The muster drill was later than normal at 17:00, which messed up our usual five o’clock drinks an the Commodore Club. At least we didn’t need to take our life jackets back to the stateroom as they aren’t required at muster anymore.

Jane was happy to get a Cosmopolitan once the drill was finished, we only had one though before heading back to to get changed for dinner.

It was very nice to see we had a full table for dinner, usually there’s a couple of absentees, overcome by the travelling. Of the ten of us, six are on the same 19 night itinerary, two are on a back to back and will be leaving in New York.

Dinner was really good, I know food is subjective, but I’m at a loss to see how you can be disappointed with the food in the Britannia Restaurant. I started with wild mushroom risotto, followed by mushroom stuffed guinea fowl and mango sticky rice for dessert. Jane had roast cauliflower soup, duck a l’orange and warm apple strudel.

After dinner, we decided to have a look at the evening show featuring the Cunard Singers and Dancers, the show “Be Our Guest” was not only our first show but it was also theirs as they had just arrived on ship two days prior.

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