The clocks went back an hour last night so we got an extra hour in bed. Much appreciated since the Cunard beds are so comfortable. I went to the gym for a run at 7am, which was surprisingly busy, followed by kippers for breakfast in the Britannia dining room.

Today’s first lecture was Penny Legg’s history of Southampton where Jane had a nice nap. Next came Chris Frame and his lectures on Cunard. I really enjoyed his lecture, and will return for more if the are at a sensible time.

Lunch in the Britannia was nice, mackerel pate and feta and ravioli for me, pate and roughey for Jane which she particularly liked. We skipped pudding, with the promise of afternoon tea later.

After that we went for a stroll, ending up in the pavilion pool on deck 12 to sit and read with the sound of the pool rocking back and forth. I leftJane to snooze by the pool while I went down to Susan E. Humphris insights lecture on submarine volcanoes. Once that was done, then it was back up to the Pavilion pool to collect Jane and on for Commodore o’clock

Jane’s drink of choice today was a strawberry daiquiri and mine was a pint of London Pride.

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