Day Five – The Queen of Mixology

It’s a shock when the alarm goes off and you’re missing an hour because the clocks didn’t go back, even so I dragged myself out of bed and off to the gym for the next session in the futile battle over my ever expanding waistline. 45 minutes later I was back at the stateroom with a morning cup of hot chocolate for Jane and a beetroot and ginger smoothie for me.

There’s a special on at the moment – 20 items laundered for $40, which seems very good value to me, especially if I don’t have to battle my way to the launderette. So that was all bagged up and sent off, hopefully they’ll have one again later in the cruise. Once that was done then it was off to the Voyage Sales office and next year’s cruise to see the Fjords and Northern Lights is booked.

The insights lectures are limited today again with the Planetarium in operation. The first was Chris Frame talking about the White Star Line, he is very good followed by David Gower and his recollections about the Windies, again excellent and very funny.

We hit the Chef’s Galley for lunch, Mexican burger and fries. It’s chocolate day in the King’s Court with chocolate and ice sculptures everywhere, I need to stay away from there so we went up to the Pavilion Pool to listen to “International Show Band” Purple Haze, an excellent way to spend 45 minutes post lunch.

Jane was off to a mixology course in the Commodore Club at 14:00 – this was based on the Cunard “Captains” cocktails – so she learnt all about the seven different cocktails on the menu – apparently it was good fun, the downside is there’s no Commodore o’clock today, because someone who shall remain nameless probably won’t make dinner if they drink anymore. I went to Sir Samuel’s for a coffee instead. I watched football in my stateroom, so was more than happy.

We did make dinner, we were one of the last to arrive, so once sat it was nearly time to order, I had a very nice salmon terrine to start and pigeon for main, now there’s not a lot of meat on a pigeon so I had a word with the waiter to get some extra, and I thought I had got the message across but when it came, it was tiny, so obviously not. Jane has a theory that they aren’t spoiling us as much as usual, and is going to start sweet talking Antonio our head waiter tonight. There’s no extra hour tonight again so it’s off to bed early for us.

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