I woke at 07:15 with what looked like bright sun piercing the stateroom curtains, so I hopped out of be to capture this morning’s sunrise only to be told to shut those curtains, Jane is not a morning person. We went up to the PG restaurant for breakfast where I was undecided on what to have. I would like a fry-up but my waistband really can’t handle it every day, so it was a compromise with a mushroom, cheese and chilli omelette and a Cumberland sausage on the side. Nice.

After breakfast we hurried off the ship as there were a whole lot of crew drills planned for the morning. Ajaccio is surprisingly nice, we had a good walk around the Capital, taking in the Fort, multiple Napoleon monuments and a very nice Market. It always feels a bit of a shame going to all these lovely markets with fantastic produce but being unable to buy anything. The range of cheeses and charcuterie was truely mouthwatering. Ajaccio comes out second best though when comparing cappuccinos. Livorno was a far nicer offering and way cheaper too.

We headed back the the ship at about 11:30 for lunch, stopping in the Grills lounge for a coffee and a bit of a chat. Lunch was nice, a crab salad starter and spaghetti Neapolitan for main. For dessert I had lemon chocolate opera cake which was delicious.
After lunch it was time for a little more sunbathing but only after pressing a couple of dresses in the laundry. It’s quite hot on the lower Grill terrace as there isn’t any shade. The upper terrace had quite a nice breeze over it when I went to get the towels. I wish they would make their minds up where they are going to place the towels, it seems to be a bit of a game of hunt the towels as they’ve been in a different place scattered around the terraces each day. Same with the bin for the used towels.
I could only mange an hour or so before heading indoors for a latte in the cool of the lounge. It

It wasn’t too long before Jane had finished up her sunbathing and came inside to see what the cocktail of the day would be ? Well it turned out to be a SIngapore Sling, While I had my reiliable old Doombar. The Singapore Sling didn’t last too long, obviously it was a little too refreshing so she had a backup plan of a Moscow Mule Delux so see her through.

We had deliberately left arriving at the PG restaurant until later today as our table mates really wanted to get off to see the show at 8pm and we knew if we got there too early we’d all end up chatting and they would miss it like the previous couple of evenings. We weren’t surprised to see them still there and yes we were all chatting and yes they did miss the show again.

We’d pre ordered Duck à L’orange for our main tonight so I only had to choose my starter, Creole Gumbo. Once I’d finished my soup, the flambe trolly arrived and the Maitre’d, Christian started the preparation of the fowl. Needless to say it was delicious. There was more flambé action to come as Jane had ordered Crêpes Suzette for dessert. While the head waiter this time, Vitali, prepared Jane’s pancakes I asked our waiter for a menu so I could order dessert, it turns out I had ordered Bananas Foster by accident,

I couldn’t have ordered them on purpose as I have had them on QM2 and didn’t like the dish, but I thought I may as well give it a go, I may like it when freshly prepared. Nah! I don’t like rum and I’m never going to, no matter how freshly prepared the Bananas Foster are.

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2 thoughts on “Corsica and Ajaccio – Day 5

  1. I like the new chronological way the blog reads. In the past, it read in reverse but now all good.
    I’ll be on QV one of these days…those lounger cushions look very inviting.

    1. It took me a while to figure out re-ordering the posts, any it’s not perfect as new blog posts will be “latest first” – Those sunbeds are very comfy, but they are Grill loungers, the ones in Britannia come without cushions, steamers on the Promenade Deck excepted. We’re back on QV in September.

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