Quarantine ! – Weekend 26th/27th March

There’s not a lot to report, quarantine is pretty dull. It’s not helped by the ships satellite signal being compromised being so far north, luckily the ship is sailing reasonably close to the coast and we have a bit of 4G to supplement the woeful WIFI signal in the new cabin. Everything about this cabin is inferior to the Grills Suite we previously had, It’s smaller obviously and that means that our bags and cases which are now all packed take up a lot of room. I don’t see any point in unpacking as we can’t go anywhere. Having the bags in the way means that there isn’t anywhere to sit, and even if there was then the TV is at the wrong angle to be viewed comfortably from the sofa. All this means that we spend an inordinate about of time in or on the bed. We had a reasonable WIFI signal in the last room.

The service we have been getting has been improving all the time, although the purser’s desk are still poor, promising to look into things and never returning calls, and seemingly indifferent to our issues. Cynthia on the concierge desk continues to excel.

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