I’m getting very good at lying in in the morning and very poor at going to the gym, but I’m not going to beat myself up about it, it’s far too bumpy to use the one available treadmill.

We had a bit of a rush to get to breakfast, even through it finished at 9:30, as I wanted to get to Paul Fellows lecture on meteors and comets. I enjoyed this one better than his introduction to the Solar System on the first sea day. Jane joined me for Stuart St Paul’s second presentation which was more of the same. This I didn’t enjoy as much as Tuesday’s, but Jane liked it.

After the lectures we went out on the promenade deck, bloody hell that was a mistake. It was blowing a gale, and this was whipping up the spray right in our faces. We came out midships and walked towards the bow intending to get back inside at the doors near the theatre, but they had deck closed signs, so we had to turn around and battle our way back midships to gain respite. The Winter Garden looked best, so we went and sat there in the sun to read, chill and people watch.

Lunch was very nice, we ate in the Britannia restaurant at a table for two. I had calves liver which was cooked perfectly and Jane had lasagne. We finished off the bottle of Malbec I’d half drunk on the Formal night when Jane had been laid up.

After lunch we had the sun on our balcony so we sat there as it was nice and warm, sheltered from the breeze. The balconies fore and aft on deck four of the Elizabeth and Victoria are really good, large and ours was glass fronted. They are much bigger than the standard balcony cabin balconies. All too soon it was Commodore O’clock, so we headed up to deck 10 for a pint of London Pride which was now back on and a Daiquiri for Jane, she wasn’t too keen as she really fancied a long drink and this came in a Martini glass.

It was our second Formal night, the Masquerade Ball. As well as this it was the World Club cocktail party down in the Queens room. We gave that a miss as it’s usually rammed with everyone there to see the Captain. We had a full compliment for dinner tonight, the choices for which were causing me real problems. Belly pork for starter was easy, but for main there was Grouse, Fillet steak, Langoustine risotto, Pork fillet and Scallops all on the menu, I finally chose the risotto but ideally I’d have had all five. Jane had the one thing I didn’t fancy, Salmon en Croute.

We finally made a show, a Jersey Boys tribute act that we’d previously seen in the Memorial Hall in New Milton. Jane enjoyed it, the rest of the audience in the theatre absolutely loved it, dancing in the aisles. I thought he sounded like Pinky and Perky.

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