It was a bumpy old night crossing the Bay of Biscay, I woke at 4am getting rattled from side to side and struggled to get back to sleep. I did though and was woken to the sound of rattling cups with Jane making a coffee, nice. After a breakfast of kippers and poached eggs it was time for a stroll around the town. We needed 3 things, tissues, water and tapas. The weather was a bit mixed, it was cloudy, sunny, with alternating drizzle and an almighty cloudburst. So we sheltered from the worst of it in a coffeeshop before getting the water and tissues in a local supermercardo. That done it was time for tapas and we headed back towards some tapas restaurants we had seen earlier back towards where the ship was parked.

We chose Mesón El Serrano, which turned out to be very tasty. 20€ for 3 beers and 4 tapas. After that, it was back to the ship to sit in the sun and read.

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