2022, Port Days, Q208N

Snowy Sea Day Heading South – Thursday 24th March

It was another quiet sea day today, only two lectures again which is disappointing. Not the lectures themselves, but the fact that there are only two per day. First up was John Mclean and the mythology of Norse Astronomy followed by Stuart Musgrave’s talk on Thor Heyerdahl and the Kon Tiki and Rah II expeditions

Because of this I’d missed out on the morning’s trivia and Jane was beside herself waiting to tell me that they had got 17/20 without me. After lunch we met up with the rest of the quizzers for the Music Intro’s quiz – 70’s intro’s were right up our street, unfortunately given the demographic it was up every elses street as wall. We were rather smug with 38/40 but we didn’t win. I had got very excited while the compere was teeing up the quiz she played the intro for Rammstein’s Sonne knowing I was probably the only person that would know that unfortunately it was 70’s and not 2000’s Industrial Metal

We chilled in the Grill’s Lounge with a coffee until it was time for the trivia quiz at 16:15, More success, this time 18/20 but it not to be our lucky day someone had gained 20/20

Ah well, it was rime to drown my sorrows in the Commodore Club with my usual Doombar. Jane had a Brandy Alexander followed by a Margarita. There have been canapes served every night in the Commodore Club so far, which is a nice return of an old tradition.

It was another non-gala night so we were up in the PG dining room at 8pm. It was lamb cutlet tonight so Jane got a basin full of those. I ordered a Thai Red Prawn Curry with extra spice, lovely. Jim at the next table was very quiet and when Jane enquired of him his wife Rosa said he had a bit of a cold.

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