Daily Reports

A Cloudy Old Sea Day – Tuesday 22nd March

Last night was another Smart Attire night on the ship, which was good for me, it means another comfortable dining experience. Jane had decided to go off piste and order the duck a l’orange from the a la Carte menu. It was both huge and delicious.The portions on this cruise seem much larger than previously, even I am struggling to fit in a dessert, I have to try very hard and it’s not quite beaten me yet, but I have had a couple lunches without a starter

We woke late for breakfast, but Jane did make it upstairs to the PG even though she was very tired after getting up several times on the previous night to see if there was any Aurora about. She was massively disappointed to hear that the Captain had made an announcement that there was an Aurora at 02:30 and she’d slept through it. The Captain was making announcements on Ch41 which is the TV channel showing the Bridge camera.

I was only going to one of this morning’s lectures and I had seen John Maclean’s Solar System lecture on our August QE cruise. Stephen Musgrave gave a talk on the Russian Convoys from WWII. While I was enjoying myself down in the theatre Jane was working hard sorting out the first batch of laundry for this trip.

After my lectures, Jane’s laundry and a late lunch we headed to the Garden Lounge for the Music Trivia quiz, we really are rubbish, but we were not helped by it being a Love Songs quiz which ruled me out of answering any questions. and we ended up with 27/40 – I think 34/40 won it. We chilled out for while over a cappuccino in the grills Lounge before the Afternoon Trivia. Now you’d think that six of us would stand a fighting chance, even with Mark and Pam (bouncingwheel) from Cruise Critic it did help us. |We were just as woeful getting 13/20 in that quiz.

We worked up a bit of a thirst with all the quizzing so we answered the call of the Commodore Club for a Doombar and a Pometini before going back to the room to get changed for the Red and Gold Gala night.